Pretty In Pink Peppercorns on Monday Musings

by Urvashee on October 4, 2010 · 2 comments

Pink Peppercorns

I bought this jar of pink peppercorns a while back for no good reason of course. I think I recalled seeing them used in an ice cream recipe somewhere in Williams Sonoma and thought it might come in handy for other desserts.  I’ve always been curious about them and they just look pretty on food. Since then, I’ve learned that despite their name, they are actually not related to regular black peppercorns at all. Pink peppercorns are actually the dried fruit of the Baise Rose. Unlike black peppercorns, these are light and almost hollow. They have a only a hint of that peppery spice and taste more fruity.

I’ve mostly seen pink peppercorns used in ice cream recipes but I’ve recently learned that it also pairs really well with chocolate. I’m hoping to have something with chocolate and these pink peppercorns up in a post later this week. In the mean time, I’d love to hear your thoughts on using pink peppercorns in desserts. Here are a few inspiring links I’ve found…

  • Use it in ice cream…as seen this recipe from Scoop Adventures
  • Chocolate and Pink Peppercorn cupcakes from Vanilla Garlic
  • Dolfin has an interesting line of chocolates including a dark chocolate bar with pink peppercorn
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