My Favorite Yogurt Parfait

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Happy New Year! Getting into shape is always a top resolution for most. I’m betting you’re trying to be good after the holiday cookie binge. As a dessert enthusiast, I used to find it hard to resist anything sweet. A lowered metabolism has now made me more cautious. I’ve also trained myself to find substitutes when I have sweet craving. So let me introduce you to my favorite parfait! This is not something unique but I eat it at least 3-5 times a week so I thought I’d share it with you.

I’m about to name some brands. They have not paid me to write this.  I’m just sharing an easy way to put together a parfait with my personal favorites.  My parfait has evolved over time. Having never eaten yogurt growing up, I was pretty reluctant to try it as an adult. Feeling the need to increase my calcium and protein, I decided to give it a go with Greek yogurt. I tried all kinds of flavors and discovered that Chobani vanilla is not so bad. I can tolerate this, I thought. I did however, load it with all kinds of toppings. Probably more topping than yogurt initially. I slowly changed my ratios and eventually I managed to switch over from vanilla flavored to plain which has less sugar.

yogurt parfait

As I adjusted to eating yogurt more frequently, I started liking other brands of Greek yogurt as well. My new favorite Greek yogurt brand is Fage. I top it with a little bit of Bear Naked v’nilla almond granola, mini chocolate chips or cocoa nibs, and a few goji berries. Notice I have no fresh fruits? Yeah, I’m still working on finding the combination of yogurt and fresh fruit appealing. If you can’t keep your hands off sweets, give this a try. Keep your toppings to a minimum for full health benefits. Or, if your like me and hate yogurt, ease yourself into it by slowly decreasing the amount of toppings over time.



1 cup of Greek yogurt

2 Tablespoons Bear Naked V’nilla Almond granola

1 Tablespoon cocoa nibs or mini chocolate chips

1 Tablespoon goji berries


  1. Find a pretty glass. Layer half the yogurt at the bottom.
  2. Sprinkle half the granola and half the chocolate chips
  3. Layer the rest of the yogurt over the granola and top with goji berries, and remaining granola and chocolate chips.

Make it a work of ART!

I always serve myself parfaits in these mini trifle bowls. Order yourself a set and create a parfait bar at your next brunch!






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