Chocolate Cupcakes with Chai Frosting

December 4, 2014
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I love making mini cupcakes. They’re so cute and the size is perfect if you just want a small bite. Well, ok, let me take that back. It makes you feel like you are just eating a little bit. We all know that you end up eating multiple cupcakes, probably the equivalent of a regular […]

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Elegant Pumpkin Pie

November 21, 2014
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I know it’s really easy to buy canned pumpkin and I’ve heard that it tastes just as good or even better than fresh pumpkin. The trouble of making your own puree might not be worth it. Those little sugar pumpkins are just so cute though and I wanted to see for myself. So this year […]

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Homemade Chai Masala Blend

November 17, 2014
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Move over pumpkin spice. Make room for my other favorite fall spice blend, chai masala or chai spice mix. Well, ok it’s not really a “fall” flavor since people drink it year round. The list of warming spices just reminds me of fall and once you start putting the mix into dessert recipes, the dessert […]

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

September 19, 2014
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You know how I always rave about chocolate and hazelnut anything? Well, now I can’t get enough of that other chocolate and nut combo. That’s right, I’m talking about peanut butter. One bite of these chocolate peanut butter cookies, and you’ll be going crazy for that combination too! Believe it or not, I rarely think about using […]

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How To Make Basic Pastry Cream

June 4, 2014
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Pastry cream is found in many classic French desserts. It’s the base filling for those shiny fruit tarts you see in pastry cases, and the filling for choux puffs, éclairs and Napoleons. More familiarly, you may have had it in Boston cream pie. It can also be used in fillings for cakes. As you can […]

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Mini Strawberry Tarts with Basil Cream

May 23, 2014
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A few weeks ago, I attended a NYC event organized by Jackie (aka The Diva That Ate NY) and Ken (aka Hungry Rabbit). If you’ve been following me on twitter you probably know that I‘m talking about Pie Party Potluck Live (#PiePartyGE)! As always, they put together a fantastic event. Unfortunately, I don’t have tons […]

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