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Summer Recipe Roundup

May 29, 2013
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The weather’s been pretty weird huh? Warm and cold, warm and cold, cold and rainy, warm and rainy. It seems our first heat wave is arriving this week in the northeast so maybe summer is finally here? I’ve put together a short list of summer recipes from the blog archives. I hope you find it […]

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Mexican Fried Ice Cream, Served 3 Ways

April 26, 2013
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My whole family loves Mexican food. So if there’s ever a reason to have some nachos, margaritas, guacomole, salsa, or whatever else, we are totally in. Cinco de Mayo, another perfect excuse, is coming up! So I thought I’d share with you my favorite Mexican dessert choice- fried ice cream. That got me thinking. Is […]

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Summer is Here…Mango Swirl Ice Cream

May 25, 2012
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Well, Memorial Day is here and you know what that means…summer! So I thought it would be great to kick off with a recipe for ice cream. It’s also mango season and I had some mango crazed family over last weekend. I needed a quick dessert addition to my dinner plans so I thought why […]

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Affogato, Easy and Delicious

August 2, 2011
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The last of my husband’s bachelor friends was visiting one day and asked if I had any suggestions for an easy to make dessert. Of course, I had to tease and ask…you mean to impress women? Before he had a chance to answer, our other friend started telling us about how affogato was really simple and […]

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Monday Musings: Cake Scraps

January 24, 2011
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Cake scraps are pieces of cake left over from trimming and carving a cake. Don’t ever toss them. Instead, recycle them into something delicious. I like to cut them up into cubes and  freeze them in a Ziploc bag. Then I get to take whatever amount of cake I want, warm it a little in the microwave and  toss […]

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My First Daring Bakers Challenge

August 27, 2010
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I can’t believe my first blog post on Building a Tractor Cake was one year ago. I still feel like this blogging thing is so new to me and am only just getting the hang of it. If you are returning reader, then thank you for sticking with me. If this is your first time […]

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